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Charles Clifford

Charles Clifford


Charles Clifford (Wales, c. 1820-Madrid, 1 January 1863) was a Welsh photographer who practiced his profession in Spain where the first news we have of him dates from 1850. He is considered to be one of Spain's pioneering photographers and he was the official photographer of Queen Isabel II.

At first he worked with daguerreotypes, until 1852 when he started to use the calotype technique, moving on in 1856 to produce wet plate collodion images. It was with this latter technique that he produced his most famous pictures, such as those in the series devoted to the construction work on the Canal de Isabel II in Madrid, which he took between 1857 and 1858, and the photographs of Queen Isabel II's official visit to Andalusia and Murcia.

Notable amongst his works is a photograph he took of the Queen of England, Queen Victoria, in 1861, because portrait photography was not his usual genre.


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