Fotografia a Catalunya



The observance of legacies

More than a douse of cold water, the sale of Agustí Centelles's archive to the Ministry of Culture by the photographer's sons Sergi and Octavi in 2009 opened a wound that has still not healed. A wound that became all the more painful when it was confirmed that the legacy of one of the most iconic photojournalists of the Civil War period would be housed precisely in the building that symbolises the dictatorship's documentary pillage, the Salamanca Archive. The Centelles case provided the impetus to speed up the search for solutions in the field of photographic heritage conservation, a problem that was already of great concern to the photographic community. One of the most spectacular of these agreements is the one reached recently between the family of the avant-garde photographer, Pere Català Pic (father of Francesc Català-Roca), his son, Pere Català Roca and the Catalan Government Ministry of Culture, whereby the archives of both photographers will be deposited at the ANC.

Who wants to judge others? Who can?

Montse Frisach