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Situation of compliance
This website partially conforms to the Royal Decree 1112/2018, of 7th September, due to the following exceptions.

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Preparation of the present declaration of accessibility
The present declaration was prepared on 21/9/2020.
The method used to prepare the declaration has been by self-assessment with external resources, in accordance with Article 3 (1) of the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2018/1523 (2).
Latest revision of the declaration: 21/9/2020.

Observations and contact details
Communications on accessibility requirements can be made (article 10.2.a of the Royal Decree 1112/2018), through the following Contact mailbox.

For example:

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Requests and complaints are registered in accordance with the requirements established by Law 39/2015 of 1st October, on the Common Administrative Procedures of Public Administrations.

Application procedure
The application procedure set out in Article 13 of Royal Decree 1112/2018 can be initiated in the procedure “Accessible contents on the website” (in Catalan or Spanish) through the modality “To claim for an application” (in Catalan or Spanish).
If, once a request for accessible information or complaint has been made, it has been rejected, you do not agree with the decision taken or the response does not comply with the requirements of article 12.5 of RD 1112/2018, you can start a claim

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  • to state the reasons why you consider that the answer does not meet the required requirements.

A claim can also be initiated in the event that 20 working days have elapsed without a response being obtained.