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Adolf Mas

Adolf Mas


Retrat: © 2017  Institut Amatller d'Art Hispànic  -  im. 05327011 (foto Mas D-3261 / 1931)

Adolf Mas Ginesta (Solsona, 1860 - Barcelona, 1936) was born into a family associated with the legal profession. Eventually, however, he devoted himself to what had been his passion from a very early age, photography. After years of managing a commercial establishment in Barcelona and as a reporter, he opened his own business, called Arxiu Mas, around 1902. The business specialised in the graphic documentation of artistic and historical heritage. He was a member of the Els Quatre Gats group and his friend Ramon Casas produced the signage for the new company.

One of his first clients was Josep Puig i Cadafalch who commissioned him to photograph his architectural works to illustrate a publication that would be presented at the 1904 International Architectural Congress, to be held in Madrid. It was also Puig i Cadafalch who would help him draw up a system for organising the archive, which now forms an important part of the Almatller Hispanic Art Institute.

Font: Fundació Institut Amatller d'Art Hispànic / Arxiu Mas.