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Joaquim Pla Janini

Joaquim Pla Janini


Joaquim Pla Janini (Tarragona, Tarragonès, 1879 - 1970) was a Catalan photographer. Although he had graduated and been awarded a doctorate in medicine (1903) and practiced as a doctor, he retired early in 1931 to devote himself fully to photography. Photography was an interest he started to develop in 1898, shortly after his family had moved to Barcelona.

Pla Janini is considered to be one of the main exponents of pictorialism in Catalonia. His work encompassed many spheres such as religion, the family, costumbrism and still lifes and was published in magazines such as El Progreso Fotográfico, Lux and Art de la Llum. He took part in many Spanish and international salons and received many awards.


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