Fotografia a Catalunya

Josep Brangulí

Josep Brangulí


Josep Brangulí i Soler (1879-1945) was born in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat in September 1879. At first he was an engraver and lithographer, the traditional family trades, but he combined this work with photography. His work as a press reporter commenced in 1899 with contributions to the magazines Cu-cut and La Hormiga de Oro. In 1910 he joined the staff of La Vanguardia newspaper and in 1914 began to contribute to the Prensa Española chain. He died in Barcelona in September 1945. The Brangulí family have kept the photographic archive at the family home in Carrer Miquel dels Sants Oliver, in the journalists' district built near the Plaça Sanllehí, where the photographer Josep Maria Sagarra Plana also lived. Given that the Brangulís exploited their archive commercially, they set up a simple filing system consisting of names of people, places and topics, in Spanish and in alphabetical order, which made it possible to find photographs quickly. The prints had a chronologically assigned number according to series and most of the glass plates had the corresponding signature and number on the glassine paper envelope in which they were stored. The 35 mm film was filed thematically and chronologically.

Font i fotografia: Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya


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