Fotografia a Catalunya

Joan Bta. Blancafort

Joan Bta. Blancafort


(La Garriga, 1897-Barcelona, 1987). Composer.

Manuel Blancafort studied with his father, Joan Baptista Blancafort, and received classes from Joan Baptista Pujol and Joan Lamote de Grignon, although his real school was at the family factory which made rolls for Victoria pianolas. He worked there from the age of 17 until he was 32, transferring music from musical scores to perforated paper for the pianola rolls.

When he was very young he was surrounded by Catalan intellectuals and politicians such as Jacint Verdaguer, Santiago Rusiñol, Josep Carner, Amadeu Vives, Enric Granados, Joan Lamote de Grignon, Eugeni d’Ors and Francesc Cambó, who stayed at the Balneari Blancafort spa in La Garriga, also owned by the family. It was in this ambience that he came to know Frederic Mompou, who encouraged him to pursue his career in music, helping him to publish his first works, and with whom he developed a great friendship.