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Xavier Agramont Cruanyes

Xavier Agramont Cruanyes


Xavier Agramont i Cruanyes's (Barcelona, 1933) first experience with photography was in 1952 when he bought his first camera and discovered his active interest in aspects of the daily life that surrounded him. He was self-taught and he set about broadening his knowledge of photography. In 1962, and with great enthusiasm, he joined a professional photographic studio, bringing with him an old 9 x 12 camera, a tripod and a few lenses. He soon mastered studio and laboratory techniques and the 1960s and '70s became the springboard for his photographic career. He took advantage of any journey he made and his free time to go out into the street to take the photographs he really liked, such as photographs of people, places of leisure, beaches, fun fairs and the like. Soon he had a very rich and varied personal archive of images which, over the years, grew to become an important documentary collection containing thousands of currently unpublished photographs. (Source: text Vicente Aupí)


2009 Mostra permanent de fotografies de Xavier Agramont. Palau Solterra, Torroella de Montgrí.

2008 Fotografies de Xavier Agramont. Museu Can Mario, Palafrugell.

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