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Gabriel Casas Galobardes

Gabriel Casas Galobardes


Gabriel Casas Galobardes was born in Barcelona, the son and grandson of photographers. He learnt his profession at home and also by assisting the pictorialists Rafael Areñas and Antoni Campañà with their work. His own work was characterised by an avant-garde style, with traits taken from the worlds of graphic design and advertising, a style which broke with pictorialism and with which he became one of the foremost exponents of the New Vision, very much in line with the European trends of the day.

During the interwar years, which can be considered the most productive ones of his career, his work had a major impact and was published in magazines such as Barcelona Gràfica, Imatges, D'Ací i D'Allà and Veu de Catalunya, as well as in posters for the Catalan Republican Action Group, the Generalitat de Catalunya, and in books.

His aesthetic conception, in line with the ideas defended by Moholy-Nagy, gave his photographs an important psychological dimension. Thus, the high- and low-angle shots the photomontages, fragmentations, repetitions and the skewed views spoke of a society in which the difficult situation highlighted differences in such a way that photography was no longer subject to textual interpretation, but took the leading role as an art work in its own right.

He was a portrait photographer, a sports photographer, photojournalist and advertising photographer. When the Spanish Civil War was over he was pursued and imprisoned. His journalistic credentials were withdrawn and, being much affected by events, he ended his professional career by concentrating on advertising and industrial photography and, in cooperation with others, book illustration. 


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2004 Variaciones en España: fo...

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Lluís Saura:


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