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Jordi V. Pou

Jordi V. Pou


Jordi Vicenç Pou i Jové, known as Jordi V. Pou, was born in Lleida in 1968. He has worked as a professional photographer since the 1990s and in many fields, from press photography to teaching, as well as on his own creative work.

With the passage of time, most of his projects have evolved around the interaction between two aspects of his work. On one hand, the express desire to photograph what is most close to hand and in the most intimate and well-known spaces. On the other hand, to question the uses of photography itself and to test the limits it enables us to reach, both from the most technical point of view as well as in terms of representation and meaning. His most recent projects investigate the interaction between photography and the technological evolution represented by smart phones and social media.



Exposicions col·lectives

2015 (gener-abril). 1 Dia 1 Foto. 31 Fotògrafs, 365 dies, Catalunya 2014. Arts Santa Mònica, Departament de Cultura Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona.

2014 (juny). La Gran Màquina. Festival de cre...

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