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Christina Guldager

Christina Guldager


Christina Guldager-Christiansen (1980)

Of Danish nationality, Christina Guldager was born in Palma de Mallorca. In 2000 she embarked on her training as a photographer in Vraa Hojskole where she was taught by Emil Schildt, with whom she began to work on the subject of the human body and the nude. She graduated in photography and digital creation from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 2004, going on to study a post-graduate course in Exhibition Project Management the Elisava school (2009-2010) and then the Administration, Conservation and Dissemination of Photographic Archives at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2012).

She specialises in the reproduction and conservation of photographic documents and their use in exhibitions. Since 2005 she has been the head of the digital department at the Amatller Hispanic Art Institute.

She is a founding member of Fotoconnexió, a cultural association founded in 2011 to promote research into, and the conservation and dissemination of, photographic and audiovisual media in all their facets, mainly in the Catalan context.

As an artist she is interested in performance photography, as demonstrated by her Hidden movements project, which was exhibited at a number of civic centres in Barcelona in 2014. For almost a decade she has been exploring the photography of the human body, the nude and sex with her project Ese espacio llamado intimidad (This place called intimacy), which has been exhibited in Oaxaca, Mexico (2012) and in Barcelona (2014).


2014 Hidden movements. Centre cívic Joan Oliver, Barcelona.

2014 Hidden movements. Centre cívic Can Deu, Barcelona.

2014 Ese espacio llamado Intimidad. El ben plantat, Barcelona.

2012 Ese espacio llamado Intimidad. Club Ta...

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