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Lúa Ocaña

Lúa Ocaña


When Lúa Ocaña (Vigo, 1982) moved to Barcelona to finish her studies in chemistry at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, she became interested in photography and went on to study it at the Photographic Studies Institute of Catalonia (IEFC). Since then her relationship with photography has been unshakable and her work has been exhibited at the Musée des Tapisseries d'Aix in Provence, The Lighthouse Gallery in Glasgow, the Centre d'Art Contemporani, La Sala de Vilanova i la Geltrú, Espai Gòtic/ Mutuo Centro de Arte/ La Casa Elizalde in Barcelona and various exhibition halls in Galicia.

In the modern world, in which everything moves so quickly and we are ambushed with information that can make us feel distant and disconnected from our environment and ourselves, it is as if Lúa Ocaña's thoughtful and intimate photographs bring us back into contact with our surroundings. It is as if she has confided her intimacy to the camera lens and has opted for this language in order to capture the emotional density of her subjective world in images. Her work possesses a visceral, confessional, lyrical, surreal, dream-like vision, where all of these qualities combine in photographic projects depicting interior and exterior nature, corporal geography and landscapes of uncertain location. 


Exposicions individuals

2014 (del 13 de juny al 17 de juliol). Yo hablo, tú callas.  La Parada, Barcelona.

2014 (del 12 de febrer al 7 de març). We're birds. Centre Cultural La Casa Elizalde, Barcelona.

2011 (del 16 de jun...

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