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Dani Pujalte

Dani Pujalte


Dani Pujalte (Barcelona, 1985) studied photography at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia. He lives and works in Barcelona combining his personal projects with commercial commissions. His personal work is based on exploring outstanding and ambiguous landscapes as a tool with which to tackle cultural and social problems. He has been selected by Descubrimientos PhE’13 and has been awarded the 2013 Antipodes Project Grant, which is supported by RMIT Link Arts & Culture. He participates in the travelling project, The Smell of Dust I, which is curated by Sue-Èlie Andradé, and he was a finalist in the Docfield Dummy Awards with his cultural work, Containers.

He is currently working, together with Rita Puig-Serra, on the Good Luck with the Future project, for which he was awarded the 20th "la Caixa" Fotopres Grant. 


2015 (11 de juliol). ANDRADE DÉ, Sue-Elie (dir.). Projecció de The Smell of Dust a visual performance. Arles OFF 2015. Fotohaus, Berlin. Collection Regard.

2014 (26 de setembre). ANDRADE DÉ, Sue-Elie (dir.). Projecció de The...

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