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Ignasi López

Ignasi López


Ignasi López (Premià de Mar, 1970) is a photographer, designer and publisher. His photographic work has been exhibited internationally at numerous festivals and events such as PhotoEspaña (Madrid), FotoGrafia (Rome), Printemps de Setembre (Toulouse), ArtBasel and FotoLeggendo. His is a publisher and is the cofounder of Bside Books. This is an independent publishing project and also a collaborative experimental laboratory concerning processes and publishing media. He is the author of Agroperifèrics and, together with Marta Dahó, co-curated the exhibition of the same name, which was recently jointly produced by the Museum of Rural Life and the HuArte Centre in Navarre. He is the joint publisher and curator of the photographic and publishing project,


2014 (del 17 d'octubre al 15 de febrer ). DAHÓ, Marta (comis.). Agroperifèrics. Centro HuArte de Arte Contemporáneo, Huarte, Navarra.

2014 (del 4 de juliol al 5 d'octubre). DAHÓ, Marta (comis.). Agroperifèrics. Museu de la V...

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