Fotografia a Catalunya

Sergi Reboredo

Sergi Reboredo


Prize for the best photographic report in Brussels in 2013, awarded by the Flanders Tourist Office, November 2013.

Nominated for the prestigious Pictet Prize, organised by the Financial Times, February 2012.

Caixa Galicia Foundation-Juan Cancelo Photojournalism Prize for a work on the theme of Sri Lanka after the tsunami. (La Coruña). January 2007.

-1st Media Professionals' Prize at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena Photography Awards for a work on climate and its influence on the Earth. (On the subject of Sri Lanka after the tsunami) (Cartagena, Murcia). December 2006.

-Finalist at the 6th City of Gijón International Photojournalism Reunion (On the subject of Can Tunis, the magic of speed-ball in Barcelona) (Gijón). June 2005.

-Prize for the best series at the 3rd Pere Farran Memorial Photographic Reports Prize. Sabadell Town Council. (On the subject of Iraq). (Sabadell, Barcelona). MAI/05.

-Prize for the best series at the 3rd National Human Rights Photography Reunion. (On the subject of children in Iraq). (Realejos, Tenerife). December 2004.

-Ecological Denunciation Prize, organised by Ecologists in Action, for the work Iraq. December 2004.

-Prize for the best series at the 9th Rafael Ramos García International Photography Prize, 2004, awarded by the University of Laguna (Tenerife) (Title: La mirada de los desheredados, [The gaze of the disinherited]). November 2004.

-First prize, Human Values. Ontinyent Disabled Association. (On the subject of AIDS in Kenya and leprosy in Brazil). September 2004.

-Nomination at the UNESCO International Humanity Photo Award for Catholic Wedding in Kenyan Rural Area. Beijing, China. June 2004.

-Finalist at the Gabriel Cualladó International Photography Awards at the Modern Art Institute of Valencia (IVAM) for La mirada de los desheredados (The gaze of the disinherited). February 2004.

-City of Benicarló 2nd Photography Prize for Un món solidari (A world in solidarity) with the work Lepra a Brasil (Leprosy in Brazil). November 2003.

-City of Denia Prize for the 2nd best collection, the work, Kenya (On the subject of AIDS in Kenya). October 2003.

-1st Prize, Todos somos diferentes (We are all different). Civil Rights Foundation. Madrid. 2003.

-Eugenio Rodríguez Press Photography Prize awarded by Toledo Town Council for the best press publication in 2001. December 2002.

-Grant at the 5th International Photojournalism Reunion, held during the Setmana Negra in Gijón. July 2001.

-1st Tiramilles Travel Prize awarded by Barcelona provincial Council. October 2000.


2013 (juny). Tibet: una cultura en risc d'extinció. Mostra de Fotografia Clic Cabrianes, Barcelona.

2013 (abril). Vudú a Haití. Festimage de Calella.

2013 (març). Iraq 2003: vida diària d'un país ocupat. Cicle de docum...

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