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Yurian Quintanas

Yurian Quintanas


Yurian Quintana was born to a Dutch mother and Catalan father in Amsterdam in 1983, but spent his childhood in Banyoles (Catalonia). After graduating in image processing and studying on a course specialising in photojournalism at the Higher School of Design and Image (IDEP), he had the opportunity to work as an assistant to renowned National Geographic photographers such as Tino Soriano and Annie Griffiths Belt.

In 2007 he began to work on his own projects and has been awarded prizes and grants such as the 1st La Vanguardia Magazine Prize (2007), the 13th Gijón International Photojournalism grant (2009), the Magnumphotos workshops grant with Chien-Chi Chang (2009) and an honorific mention in Travel Photographer of the Year (2011) He was selected for Descubrimientos Photoespaña (2011), was a finalist for the Fotopres grant (2013), Jeunes Talents de ParisPhoto SFR Prize (2014) and the recent Encontros da Imagem Open Call Prize (2015).

His work has been published in Burn Magazine, Foto a Foto, Bonart, Descobrir Catalunya, Fotografia Magazine, F-Stop Magazine, Piel de Foto, Lens Culture, Positive Magazine and Ojo de Pez, amongst others.


2015. Tint XXI, Banyoles.

2015. Sala La Kursala, Cadis.

2015. Monasterio de Tibaes. Encontros da Imagem 2015, Braga

2015. Galeria Escalera de Incendios, Barcelona.

2015. Festival FineArt Igualada.

2015. Festival Imaginàr...

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