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César Ordóñez

César Ordóñez


César Ordóñez (Barcelona, 1964) is a photographer with a wide-ranging professional career. He works mainly in Barcelona and Tokyo (his 'laboratory city'). He uses universal visual language as a tool with which to ponder the modern world, the beauty of existence and its fragility, and to explore how our thoughts and attitudes influence our surroundings, and vice versa. His works have a spirited, intimate and often introspective quality and they occupy a space between reality and metaphor, between moments that have been lived and those that are dreamt.

His career as a creative, artistic photographer started towards the end of the 1980s in Barcelona, but he did not fully commit himself to this until 2007, when he produced Ashimoto, his first Tokyo project, after a gap of more than 15 years during which he had devoted himself to professional photography in the fields of portrait, fashion and advertising.

His work has been exhibited in Spain, Mexico, France, Russia, Japan, South Korea, China and Peru. He has held more than 10 individual, and more than 50 collective exhibitions. A notable aspect of his work in Tokyo is his participation, since 2012, in the extensive project, which brings together 100 international photographers. His works form part of important art collections such as those of the Foto Colectania Foundation (Barcelona, Spain), Auer Photo Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland) and the Fundación Unicaja (Malaga, Spain), as well as various private collections. His latest book is entitled, Tokyo Blur.


2017 Un cierto Panorama. Canal Isabel II, Madrid (Exposició col·lectiva).

2017 Tokyo Íntimo. LPBC, Barcelona.

2016 Maridajes XVIII: Tipologías. Bodegas Roda, Haro, La Rioja (Exposició col·lectiva).

2016 Mirades BCN. Galeri...

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