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Xavier Mulet

Xavier Mulet


At the age of 8 Xavier Mulet's godfather and uncle, Pere, gave him a Kodak Instamatic 104/Outfix camera with which he took his first pictures at Barcelona Zoo. He graduated from the University of Barcelona Faculty of Fine Arts (Image) in 1995 and started to produce his own individual exhibitions. At first the main themes of these exhibitions were portrait and self-portrait, but later he would adopt landscape and travel as the motors of his curiosity. He is very interested in the production of images using the minimum of technology and he experiments with very simple pinhole and plastic cameras. He later became captivated by panoramic photography, which reminded him of the many Sundays he spent in the local cinema watching westerns, and this would take him to places such as Galicia (2002) and Lower California (2004-2005). From 2008 until 2011 he was a member of AtelieRetaguardia, a group devoted to the study, research and dissemination of old-style photographic techniques and the history of photography. He has been working, since 2010 to the present day, 2017, on the M. Ardan Project, a fictional photographic work which has travelled to many cities in the form of exhibitions, conferences, educational seminars and festivals.


2017 Monsieur Ardan, gran viatger del segle XIX. Galeria Artèria, Barcelona.

2017 Monsieur Ardan, gran viatger del segle XIX. Festival de fotografia FineArt, Igualada.

2016 Monsieur Ardan, gran viatger del segle XIX. Audito...

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