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Montse Campins

Montse Campins


© Foto: Fausti Llucià

Montse Campins was born in Barcelona in 1955. Her interest in photography led her to California, where she graduated in Fine Arts at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. While she was working as an advertising and fashion photographer she began to broaden her outlook and develop her sense of curiosity, employing a number of photographic expressions, something which has remained with her ever since. She combined teaching at the Elisava school with publishing and commercial activities before concentrating on more personal photography. Her career has also been characterised by projects devoted to social issues. Always willing to research and experiment, she has shown a clear interest in traditional photographic techniques in combination with digital photography, video and narrative.


Exposicions individuals

2016 El Circo de la Diva Singh. Artèria, Espai d’Art, Festival Fine Art Igualada, Barcelona. 

2015 El Circo de la Diva Singh. Mutuo Centro de Arte, Barcelona. 

2012 Viajando con Olga. Vestíbulo de l...

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