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Tino Soriano

Tino Soriano


Tino Soriano was born in Barcelona. He has been honoured with numerous Spanish and international awards such as UNESCO's Humanity Photo Award (on nine occasions) the Mexican Lente de Plata award and the WHO Canon-Europa Prize. He has been awarded five Fotopres distinctions, the New Zealand Essence of Humanity Humanist award, and the most prestigious photojournalist prize in the world, the Word Press Photo award in 1999 in the category of Art. In 2016 the Spanish Geographical Society awarded him the “Imagen 2016” prize.

In 2015 he won UNESCO's Humanity Photo Award and the China Folklore Photographic Association award, presented to him at a ceremony held in Shangri-La. That year the organisation received 83,000 photographs from 133 countries around the world.

His personal work on the subject of medicine, which began in 1987 and which has been recognised with awards from the World Health Organisation, earned him a special prize from the Academy of Medical Science of Catalonia in 2006: the Jaume Aiguader i Miró Prize, for his awareness-raising work about this science through his photographic reports.

He has taught widely. Since 1978, when he started to provide the magazine Flash Foto with various technical articles, he has given classes and conferences at the International Photography Centre; the EFTI in Madrid; the IDEP in Barcelona; the Institute of Photographic Studies in Barcelona; the faculty of Journalism at the Pompeu Fabra University; at the photographic reunions of the Santa María de Albarracín Foundation; the School of Photography at the Polytechnic University of Terrassa; the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Postgraduate Photojournalism course); the University of Lleida; the University of Valencia; the University of Andalusia; the Photography Centre of Andalusia and the Centre for Latin-American Studies at the University of Berkeley, California. He has also been the artistic director of the Fotonature Festival held on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands) since its beginnings in 2010.

He is a member of a select group of teachers and experts at the National Geographic Society and every year he gives photography workshops in English in Granada, Barcelona and the north of Spain on board the train Transcantàbric. Finally, he has given sporadic conferences and workshops on social and travel photography throughout almost the whole of Spain and countries around the world such as the United States, Mexico, Ethiopia, Myanmar, India and China.

He is a regular contributor to many magazines and supplements throughout the world, noteworthy amongst them being El País Semanal colour supplement; La Vanguardia Magazine and the magazines Geo; Altair; Viajar; Descubrir Catalunya and Jano. His work has also appeared in such renowned international publications as National Geographic Society; Smithsonian Magazine; Time Magazine; Los Angeles Times; Specchio; La Repubblica; Paris Match; l’Express; Geo; Merian and Der Spiegel.

Over recent years he has made three TV documentaries: Andalucía el despertar de los sentidos; Kardelen, la nueva esperanza de Turquía and Vigilando los Océanos, all three for the National Geographic channel.

Since 2001 his work and biography have been included in the National Geographic Collection catalogue, based in Washington, D.C.


Exposicions individuals

2015. Farina Blana, Banyoles.

2010. Sonrisas, lágrimas y una Vuelta al Mundo, Blanes

2008. 10 años con National Geographic. Palau Robert, Barcelona; Blanquerna, Madrid.

2008. En el Sur de Italia. F...

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