Fotografia a Catalunya

Xavier Basiana, Jaume Orpinell

Xavier Basiana, Jaume Orpinell


Xavier Basiana (Manresa, 1955) is an architect and photographer working in the Barcelona district of La Sagrera in Barcelona, where he has refurbished an old factory and turned it into a centre for contemporary creativity called Ivanow. His photographs document Barcelona's architectural and urban transformation around the turn of the 21st century in a manner reminiscent of the various photographic representations of the city there have been from the Universal Exposition of 1888 to the Universal Forum of Cultures, held in 2004. In collaboration with the photographer Jaume Orpinell, his photographs illustrate the challenge presented for Barcelona's historic industrial heritage by the new global economy.

As an architect he carried out the refurbishment of the Colom market in Valencia, as well as various projects for the new Barcelona of the 1990s, such as the project for the city's future Olympic Museum. He has also worked with architects such as Norman Foster on a number of projects in the city. Another aspect of is work is the promotion of architectural exhibitions, such as Construint la Ciutat (Building the City), Plans i Projectes (Plans and Projects) and Ciutat i Fàbrica (City and Factory), which provided a survey of Barcelona's industrial heritage. He has worked on numerous books and has published, 1984-1994. Barcelona Transfer (1995), La Sagrera, del Rec Comtal al TGV (1997), and 1995-2011 Barcelona Transfer. Sant Andreu-La Sagrera. De terra erma a porta d’entrada de Barcelona (2011). Together with Jaume Orpinell and Martí Checa he published the book, Barcelona, ciutat de fàbriques (2000). In 2009 he was awarded the Gold Medal of the City of Barcelona.


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