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Aleydis Rispa

Aleydis Rispa


Fotografia: Louna Millet Rispa

Aleydis Rispa was born in Sort (Lleida) in 1964. She graduated in Fine Arts, specialising in Image, from the University of Barcelona el 1988. She lives in Barcelona.

Her work, which can be found in various private and public collections, has been regularly exhibited and published since 1989 when she won, amongst other accolades, Barcelona City Council's Young European Creators' Biennial Photography Prize. A regular feature of her work is the use of commonplace objects and all kinds of unusable junk and tools that can be found all around to make her photographs. In general she chooses them for their artistic potential, but sometimes also because of their connotations or purpose. Her main source of inspiration comes from a surrounding world that is in crisis. She has an interest in simplifying both the photographic process and the resulting image and this has led her to use the photogram technique. It is a more experimental way of working as it involves an element of chance and accident as a dynamic part of the process. What most interests her about the photogram is its ability to produce primordial, direct and abstract images. 


2015 Planetes i estrelles. Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona.

2015 Flors. Galeria Esther Montoriol, Barcelona.

2014 Le Grand Bleu. Centre Cívic Golferichs Francesc Català-Roca, Barcelona.

2014 Finalistes Premi de fotografia ...

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